Amongst friends…

You may already know a few people who are members of Temple Island Lodge. No doubt you will already be acquainted with a freemason even if you may not actually know it! It’s just a brilliant organisation for connecting the dots – meeting old friends and making new ones. But not just any old friends – friends for life.

At Temple Island Lodge there are many opportunities to get to know other people, aside from the normal 6 meetings a year. Occasionally there are rehearsals, and afterwards perhaps an opportunity to relax in the pub. Or just a meet in a pub – to watch the Rugby or Football. We have golf days, shooting days and some special formal evenings where our partners are invited and get involved. But there is never any pressure – it’s just there if you want it.

Outside of the lodge, Freemasonry in general hands you a set of keys that allows you access to a huge network of members. We like to say of when visiting a lodge that you’ve never been to that they aren’t strangers – just friends you have yet to meet. Being a member of Temple Island Lodge allows you to visit other lodges – not just in Henley, but all over the Country. In fact, it’s not even limited to the Country but the World (as long as they are a bone fide lodge recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England)!

Visiting another lodge is an incredible experience. You can walk into a room of people you have never met before – pretty much anywhere in the World, and you will be welcomed as if you have known them for years. It’s an extraordinary feeling – entering a room full of people who are genuinely pleased to have you there. And of course, part of the fun is also to receive visitors. At Temple Island we have welcomed visitors from Brazil, America, all over the World in fact. And because of our exciting meetings and fabulous food, we are a hot destination for many masonic visitors not just in Oxfordshire, but all over the UK.

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