Freemasonry – What’s it all about?

Why Become A Freemason? Because It’s The journey of a lifetime

Becoming a Freemason is like going on a journey: from joining as an Entered Apprentice, it typically takes one or two years to become a Master Mason, with each of the three stages marked by a special ceremony.

Am I eligible? Any man over the age of 18 may join regardless of ethnic group, political views, economic standing or religion although he is expected to have a faith.

Because It’s Challenging

If you are looking to challenge yourself then Freemasonry uniquely provides many ways in which you can grow and develop both morally and intellectually.

The various aspects of running a Lodge provide real life experience in such diverse areas as administration, financial management, event planning, fundraising, training, education, public speaking and social welfare.

Because It’s Fun

Masonic Lodges provide wide ranging opportunities for socialising, having fun and making new friends.

Being a member of a lodge opens up a great new social world! It means that you can attend other lodges as a guest/visitor and also there are numerous social events and occasions which you, as well as your family/partner, can become involved in if you wish

Because It’s Fascinating

Freemasonry affords its members the chance to become part of a rich historical and cultural tradition which has existed for over 300 years.

Freemasonry has become part of the social fabric of our Nation to the extent that masonic phrases such as “Past Master” and “On the Level” have become part of our everyday language.

Its basic principles of Compassion, Benevolence and Integrity provide its members with a moral framework by which to live, a greater knowledge of themselves, and an opportunity for personal, intellectual and spiritual development.

Because It’s Worthwhile

Freemasonry is a worthwhile way to spend some of your free time.

It provides a chance to make a positive impact in the Community and to make a real difference to the lives of people who are in need of assistance

Because It’s Relevant

Freemasonry remains relevant in the 21st Century because it addresses real issues and real needs.

Whether dealing with the consequences of a major natural disaster like the Indian Ocean Tsunami, social problems such a homelessness or poverty, or personal difficulties such as illness, aging or bereavement, Freemasonry, as a result of it’s enormous fund-raising abilities, can bring aid, relief and hope to people across the globe.

Because It May Be You

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